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Hand Made Axe/Tomahawk/Hatchet

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An Amazing Handmade Double Headed Forest Axe, Chopping Axe, Camp Hatchet for Splitting Axe, Bushcraft axe with Strong Wood Handle 

Double Headed Berserker Axe. Although not a traditional Viking design the double headed axe is a fearsome weapon! This Axe is made completely by hand and to a very high quality finish. 

  • Length: 95 cm. 
  • Edge width: 25 cm. 
  • Steel: U8 
  • Material handle: Birch + leather
BEST COMPANION FOR YOUR OUTDOOR WORK - Our chopping axe can be used for various different jobs that you may need to get done.The set is perfect for homeowner or professional to do outdoor activities: fix Garden, go to camping,farm-DIY and more. The axe is designed for chopping kindling and small- to medium-sized wood logs, and shave branches off of trees.